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WE TRUST IN OUR PRODUCT ENOUGH TO OFFER YOU A LIFETIME WARRANTY WITH ALL FARLANE HOLSTERS. All Farlane Co. LLC products are backed with our Limited-Lifetime Warranty. To read more about our warranty policy, click here.

What customers say about farlane & our holsters:

Mark W.

I couldn’t find a holster for my Canik TP9SF that had this little light I’ve been using. Farlane totally hooked me up with a sick holster that I’ve been using almost everyday for the last 6 months and I love it.

Brandon M.

So far, I have bought 4 holsters from these guys. Once I learned about some  really cool colors and patterns, I just kept trying new options. I can say every holster I have bought looks better than I ever imagined, and they are all comfortable. 

Joe B.

I have a custom CZ75 SP01 with a TLR light and a compensator. I already new there wasn’t going to be any holsters I would be able to find, until I came across Farlane. I was kinda surprised at how quick they got it done and the quality of the holster! A+ hands down. 

Richard C.

A few months ago I was looking for a holster to wear on my hip while camping for my H&K P30. Found Farlane and ordered one online. I was impressed that Dylan was fast to communicate directly with me and quickly got my holster made. I’ve taken it with me camping a lot and it is durable with good retention, definitely getting more soon.


I have a USP 45 and I had to get an adapter for my light, so I couldn’t find any holsters. I called Farlane, and after a brief talk, they made me my first level II drop holster that I am in love with. Since then I ordered another side car holster for my Glock and it is by far my favorite holster I have ever bought and wear it every day!

Derek B.

I have owned five holsters from another big holster company and they usually only last about a year. I spoke with Farlane, they were very accommodating and knowledgeable, so I ordered one! I can tell you the craftsmanship is leaps and bounds over my previous holsters and has lasted longer than any holster I’ve owned before. I will be buying form Farlane from now on.


I bought a holster from Farlane being I like to support my local companies. After a Month I took my belt claw off to see how it felt and lost a screw. I called up the Farlane team and they met with me with a new screw and blue lock tight. The customer service and Dylans friendly demeanor is why they are now my go to for holsters.

Cody O.

After ordering two holsters from Farlane, I am super happy with everything from wait times, customer service, and the great quality of my holsters. I just bought another pistol for the holidays, and I will for sure be getting another Farlane holster to put my new baby in. Thank you Farlane! 


One thing that I have noticed is that with my holster, Dylan reaches out to make the experience feel personal. He talked one on one with me and was very upfront about any parts or special items that he needed to order and the wait times he was expecting. While waiting for my specific kydex color to come in, Dylan would call or text me just to let me know where he was at with my holster. Definitely 10 out of 10 for Farlane. Awesome crew and a great product!

Joey L.

Very happy with my Farlane Co. holster. they asked what I was looking for with a holster, listened to what I wanted, and absolutely nailed it, try them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.Great customer service & communication.

Nate D.

Farlane made a custom holster for my double stack 10mm Armscor with a stream light. The holster is very crisp and clean fits perfect. They pay attention to detail and the turn around time for me was quick. 6 out of 5 STAR. Great customer service & communication. This company actually cares for your satisfaction.

John M.

Turn around time is great, quality control is above amazing. Such a wide range of different holsters you can have made. I’ve already bought two holsters from Farlane and both times I was blown away. Farlane is my go to for holsters.

Jose G.

For some reason I was convinced that I had to buy a holster from a huge company to have a nice holster, I was wrong. The quality and lead time was better than any big box company. The fit, feel, and quality is excellent.

Brimhall J.

I worked with Dylan at Farlane. His flexibility and adaptability to whatever you want done is impressive. I wanted a shadow systems 920L with a compensator and he worked with me to get the setup just right. He embraced the challenge and actually enjoyed it… Myself and many of my friends go to Farlane every time they get a new pistol. They rock!

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